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An arcade game for Linux.






Super Methane Brothers is an arcade game where you have to: Trap baddies in a gas cloud. Suck into your gas gun. Throw against a wall to destroy them.

Game Controls:

Press Fire to start. Use "Player One" Fire for single player mode. Use "Player Two" Fire for two player mode.

You will then be prompted to input the player names. Use the keyboard to type in the name with a maximum of four characters. Press Return when you have finished.

The game will start.

Use the keyboard to move the player (See below for keys). Hold down the Jump higher. Use in combination with the Left and Right keys for directional jumping

Tap Fire to fire gas from the gun.

When a baddie is within a certain range from the players gun, hold Fire to suck a trapped baddie into the gun.

Release Fire to throw the trapped baddie from the gun.

Keyboard - Player One:

Cursor key Left / Right to move left and right
Cursor key Up to jump.
Cursor key Down to move down (Only used with the wings "Power Up")
Control key (CTRL) - Fire.

Keyboard - Player Two:

'A' key to move left
'D' key to move right
'W' key to jump.
'S' key to move down (Only used with the wings "Power Up")
Shift key - Fire.
Last updated on April 7th, 2011
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