Super Burger World

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Super Burger World is a jump and run game similar to Super Mario.




Super Burger World is a jump and run game similar to Super Mario, except with one big difference: you play as a burger trying to rid the world of an evil fruit company. Super Burger World uses SuperTux as a base, and is almost exactly the same except for the graphics and music, so if you don't like burgers, SuperTux is a much better game for you to play (provided you like penguins). Because of it's base, Super Burger World supports many platforms, so your burger-related gaming can spread to all of your machines (provided you can compile it).

The Plot:

One day Burger was at home watching TV when a news report came on, saying that an evil fruit company is tring to wipe out burgers.
Burger Island was being taken over by fruit and Burger decided to put a stop to it and started his journey to Burger Island.
So begins Burger's path through Burger Island in an attempt to destroy the evil fruit company.


OpenGL implementation (optional)

What's New in This Release:

Burger now has shoes
Strawberry replaces flying snowball
New music introduced
Minor image bug-fixing
Spikey Pear replaces Spikey
Icyland reference changed to Burger Island
New Game Over screen/story
Grapes replaces green apple
Pineapple replaces jumping spikey
Red apple's size increased
Minor graphical changes
New ground image
Last updated on December 12th, 2007
Super Burger WorldSuper Burger WorldSuper Burger World

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