SpeedX 0.1.3b3

SpeedX provides a clone of good old racing game in rear view.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.2/5 16
SpeedX Team
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
SpeedX provides a clone of good old racing game in rear view.

SpeedX is a clone of good old racing game in rear view. The
goal of this GNU project is to propose a quick and multiplayer
game under X11. The code has to be the more portable as
possible. This project can be freely modified and copied
under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Everybody who want to help in improving the code (See TODO),
as well as graphisms, musics or sounds are welcome. This
project have the purpose to demonstrate the capacity of X11
in gaming. You could learn how to handle X11 graphics
functions by reading the source. You could navigate the source
with emacs :
Do a 'etags *.c *.h' in the src directory
In emacs do a `M-.' on a variable or a function
and emacs will find the definition of it
Do a `M-*' to get back.

The screen :
The first line is the speed.
The second is your position.
The third shows the oppponents position.

If you have a fast computer and you are annoyed with the
100% CPU, you could change the WAIT constant in const.h from
0 to 20000 for example. This lets the game waiting a little
time. (do a `make' after)

(nb : do not forget to killall speedx
before playing again if you have a
"bad request error" because we use
shared memory and 2 processus)


X11 library

What's New in This Release:

now FreeBSD compatible (maybe not 100%...to be tested)
Bug fixes.
Emmanuel MEDERNACH :
Clean some array bound violation in road.c

Last updated on February 28th, 2007

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