Sonic Action

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Sonic Action is a multiplatform Sonic fangame based on the SRB2 story.





Sonic Action is the first SRB2 Town related game. Anywhere, instead of the standard story that you read everyday, this time the viewpoint is more orientated to Sonic.

But I'm not saying that we'll not appear in the game, nothing of that kind. I'm planning to get we appear in the game. So don't ask me about that.

The engine of Sonic Action is incredibly good: you can think that Sega made it. That's because six months of developing can do wonderful things. And this is not developed using programs such as Game Maker, MFF or TGF, normally used for make fangames, it's programmed in C++ with Allegro.

And is more: Tails92 will port the different versions of Sonic Action to other OS like Linux or FreeBSD (Sonic Action is orignally programmed for Windows).

The story is very original, as far as the fangames stories that I know.. But you can get more info in the Sonic Action sections (scroll down the menu).

What's New in This Release:

· New levels: Badnik City and Eggman Base (the last is incomplete).
Last updated on October 5th, 2006
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