Plee The Bear 0.4.1

A 2D platform game

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What's new in Plee The Bear 0.4.1:

  • New tutorial and two new levels in the forest,
  • New enemies: the gorilla and the woodpecker,
  • New music for the title screen, game over, invincibility, secret levels,
  • Powers of fire, water and air for Plee and its stones,
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.3/5 18
Julien Jorge, Sébastien Angibaud
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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Plee The Bear
Plee The Bear is a 2D platform game as good as the best platform games created in the 90s.

4 PM or so, Plee wakes up, tired. He has dreamed again about that awesome period when he went across the entire world together with his belle. He puts his leg in the honey pot... empty! Moreover every single honey pot in the house is empty. "One more trick of that kid", he thinks. "I'm going to give him such a wallop of which he sure will remember".

Following honey drops on the ground, Plee reaches the edge of the forest. Beginning of the game.

-- Description of the game --
Plee The Bear is a 2D platform game. As fun as an Earthworm Jim, as beautiful as a Sonic, as cool as a Mario, Plee The Bear wants to be as good as the best platform games created in the 90s.

More than a simple game, Plee The Bear is also the reason of the creation of an engine for platform games, the so-called "Bear Engine". Currently in full development, the engine is almost finished and the game is still at its beginnings.

If you like the game, if you have some free time, come on and join our team. We are mainly looking for graphic designers, people to do the sound effects and, eventually, C++ developers. The book of specifications (and script) is available on the web site, more recent informations are on the (french) wiki.

One last little thing. The game, its engine, and all tools developed for, are completely free. And, of course, they have to stay free. The whole source code is released under GPL, the pictures, sounds and musics are under a Creative Commons by-sa license. Just to insist a little, everything is created using free software. The pictures with Gimp, musics with Rosegarden, even the Windows release is compiled using Wine and free software for Windows.

Here it is. Entertain yourself, distract yourself, and share your pleasure by helping to create and diffuse this wonderful game.


· claw (the most recent), for all modules,
· boost::filesystem (>=1.33.1), for resource-archiver and Bear Factory,
· boost::spirit (>=1.33.1), for level-compiler and model-compiler,
· SDL (>=1.2.8), for plee-the-bear,
· SDL_mixer (>=1.2.6), for plee-the-bear,
· OpenGL (>=6.5), for plee-the-bear,
· wxWidgets (>=2.6), for Bear Factory.

Last updated on September 7th, 2009

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