Outgun 1.0.3

Outgun is a 32-player Internet/LAN capture-the-flag.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 2
Jani Rivinoja
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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Outgun is a 32-player Internet/LAN capture-the-flag.

Outgun is a free capture-the-flag action game, for up to 32 players. You can play it over a LAN or connecting to a server on the Internet. The game has a very light network footprint, so it is ideal for modem players.

You will also find that the game action is furious. Altought the game has 2D graphics, it mimics with quite success the excitement brought by the original CTF mods for Quake.

It has been tested on Windows and Linux, but it should compile on more platforms.

The concept of Outgun is frequently seen: The players are split to two teams whose goal is to take the enemy flag and bring it to their own flag. The team with most flag captures wins the match. Players can find various powerups on the playground. They can get more speed, weapons, health or energy. They can also get a shield or become invisible. Outgun favours teamplay more than most team games: the minimap shows the player what every teammate sees.

The maps of Outgun are quite simple: they consist of rectangular rooms with variously shaped walls, and new maps can be made with a text editor.

The look of Outgun can be customised by graphic themes. If you don’t like the conventional green look, simply choose a different theme in the game, download a new one from the net or make one yourself. The sounds are similary customisable by themes.

Outgun supports multiple languages – currently the official package has English, Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese. Creating new language files is quite easy, as the ingame texts are in one file.

Last updated on February 20th, 2006


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