Mutant Marionette

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An AI programming game for the web




Direct your pack of mutants, defend your territory, and conquer the world! You upload your program and we run it against code from our other players. As you win battles, you gain experience you can use to purchace upgrades or new unit types. For more information, see our Getting Started tutorial.

The story begins...

In the year 2092, life was good. Science was at a peak time, famine and pestilence had been completely controlled, and world had achieved peace that would last forever… or so they thought.

Despite all these advances, battery technology still had remained relatively unchanged since the early 1900s. However, a new theoretical element was about to change all that: “Grutonium”. A few grams of Grutonium would be a portable power source capable of powering an entire city for a year. It would only take some initial synthesis to create it. After that, it could be duplicated through a symbiotic relationship inside of a special fungus. Many came from around the world to witness the first synthesis of Grutonium. However, it did not go as planned.

Grutonium was indeed created, but in the process of its creation, a radioactive blast spread across the earth forever changing the dynamics of the planet. The blast created mutations, and many species meld into hybrids. “demisapiens” as they came to be called – half man, half animal – formed tribes and fought for control of the planet. However, they lacked the intelligence and understanding of technology possessed by “pureman”, those with full human blood.

These tribes solicit a pureman to become their leader. If the pureman accepts they become known as the “swarm-master”. They are granted full dominion over the tribe and in exchange, they use their pureman technology and intelligence to guide their subjects into battle.

Now these many tribes are at war to gain control of the planet, lead by their respective swarm-masters. And you, pureman, will you sit by idly and watch the Earth fall into the hands of the less worthy? Or will you lead the way to power and glory? Will you become a swarm-master?
Last updated on January 17th, 2012
Mutant Marionette

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