Monster Masher

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Monster Masher is a mash'em-up action game for GNOME.






Monster Masher is an action game for the Gnome desktop environment.

In the old days, before man entered the world, the gnomes were abundant. Through centuries of hard labour, only slightly eased by the levitational powers provided to them by their god, they bored out shafts and caves in the mountains. Always seeking the precious stones and valuable ore...

But the gnomes dug too deep. So the story begins.

The basic idea is that you, as levitation worker gnome, has to clean the caves for monsters that want to roll over you. You do the cleaning by mashing the monsters with stone blocks. Take a look at the screenshots page to see how this looks like.

Here are some key features of "Monster Masher":

· Mash your way through 30 levels (for hours of fun)
· Four kinds of monsters: stupid monsters, stupid-but-hard monsters, intelligent monsters, egg-laying monsters
· Power-up gems for invisibility, exploding the nearby monsters and freezing all monsters
· Easy, medium and hard difficulty levels (for even more hours of fun!)
· Support for two simultanous players (cooperative)
· Automatic support for large tiles for large displays


· Gnome 2.6 with the C++ wrappers for GTK+/GNOME (i.e. gtkmm, gconfmm, libglademm, libgnomecanvasmm).

What's New in This Release:

· This version takes advantage of the new API in gtkmm 2.6 to avoid dependency on libgnomeuimm and libgnomemm.
· Lots of translations were updated.
· A few bugfixes were made.
Last updated on November 10th, 2008
Monster Masher

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