Kartofel 1.2

Connect the dots in order without crossing over yourself.

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What's new in Kartofel 1.2:

  • End level bonus gets multiplied by a level-specific number, to make the game more balanced.
  • Changed the music format to .ogg, which SDL_mixer can play more reliably.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the starter to be drawn sometimes in a manner which suggested there wouldn't be collision right after starting, when there was.
  • Made the game logic independent of floating point operations, to make the score verification code work correctly.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
2 Kartofel Screenshots:
Kartofel - Main screenKartofel - Playing Kartofel....
Kartofel is a game of logic and skill. The objective is to connect the numbered dots in order, without crossing over yourself.

How to Play

To navigate the menu use the arrow keys and Enter. To start a game, select the "New Game" menu item.

The default keys are:

* Turn left: left arrow
* Turn right: right arrow
* Speed up: up arrow
* Slow down: down arrow
* Go: space

You can also define your own keys using the menu option "Define Keys."

At the beginning of each level you start from the dot marked "1." From there, you have to get to the dot "2", "3", etc. First, you need to set your initial direction using the "Turn left" and "Turn right" keys (you will use the same keys to change the direction once you start moving.) The direction is shown by the little line segment sticking from the dot. You can also adjust your speed at any time. To start moving, press the "Go" key. Once you start moving you can't stop until you reach the next dot. You will notice that the dots you've visited change the color from yellow to white. The level is completed successfully when you visit the last dot. You can't cross over yourself, cross any of the lines that are part of the level or hit the wall. If you do, you lose a life. On some levels you will notice a special dot with a little stick figure in it. If you visit such dot, you get an extra life. Visiting those dots is not necessary to finish the level.

You can start a game from any of the levels you've reached in the previous games. To adjust the starting level, use the left and right arrow keys on the "New Game" menu item.

Last updated on February 8th, 2009

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