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An implementation of the classic Repton 3 game





KRepton project is an implementation of the classic Repton 3 game, which was originally produced for the BBC Micro and was the third successful Repton game for Superior Software. KRepton brings the original game to the KDE desktop, and can be used on any of its supported platforms.

The game and editor are released under the GNU General Public Licence, although I would suggest that, if you make any improvements or modifications, that you send me a copy so that they can be incorporated into updated versions.

The current version 4.0 integrates the game player and editor into a single seamless application, so there is now of course only one download. An episode can be selected using a graphical preview list, and immediately played or edited, without having to switch between two separate applications.

If you have fond memories of the original Repton games then you won't need to be told any more; download and play the game now! If you don't know anything about them but would like to find out more then there is far more information online than I could list here; the best site by far is the Repton Appreciation Society with plenty of Repton information and downloads, including games and emulators for many other platforms.
Last updated on November 23rd, 2012

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