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Greed project is a strategy game.

Try to eat as much as possible of the board before munching yourself into a corner.

The object of Greed is to erase as much of the screen as possible by moving around in a grid of numbers. To move your cursor, simply use your arrow keys or the the 'hjklyubn' keys or your numberic Your location is signified by the @ symbol.

When you move in a direction, you erase N number of grid squares in that direction, N being the first number in that direction. Your score reflects the total number of squares eaten.

Greed will not let you make a move that would have placed you off the grid or over a previously eaten square. If no valid moves exist, your game ends.

Other Greed commands are 'Ctrl-L' to redraw the screen, 'p' to toggle the highlighting of the possible moves, and 'q' to quit.

The only ommand line option to Greed is '-s' to output the high score file.
Last updated on January 19th, 2012

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A strategy game


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