Fuzzy adventure 0.5

Fuzzy adventure is a fun 2D platform game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.7/5 20
Magnus Lundstedt
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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Fuzzy adventure
Fuzzy adventure is a fun 2D platform game.

This is a fun 2D platform game I am working on. It is in alpha stage, so expect bugs and bad maps, etc.

There is no story yet, but the general thought is that you play as a rabbit called fuzzy combating evil in some nice fantasy land. It is very similar to other platform games with some plans for some cool extras later. The major focus for me is to get the game to look good and polished.

There are a long todo list on things todo, so if you feel you like to help with graphics, levels, code or anything else, please join the project on sourceforge, or read in this thread I would really like some help with designing some 20-30 good and fun levels!
To run it on windows, download the .zip file, extract it somewhere and run the .bat file representing the suitable resolution for you. (default is 1280).

To run the game in Linux, just grab the latest source from CVS and compile!

How to play: Control the character with the arrow keys, use enter or control to select a level. Use control to run. Remember to give feedback!

Last updated on October 31st, 2007


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