Fruit Land

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Fruit Land is a nice and simple puzzle game.




Fruit Land is the first PC-game that has been produced by MesSoft and you can get it for free! The game was programmed in C using DJGPP, RHIDE and Allegro. The first version of the game appeared in 1998 on the MSX, an old 8-bit home-computer and was fully coded in assembly language.

The graphics were done by Patrick Smeets and Jorrith Schaap composed the music. The game was published by STUFF, a group that produces the diskmagazine FutureDisk, which means at least 250 people have the game.

The PC-version of Fruit Land is not a straight conversion of the MSX-version, only the graphics and the level-data were ripped out of it. The game totally been reprogrammed in C without looking at the original Z80 Assembly source (which wasn't possible because I lost the source of the game) and it only took me less than 2 weeks to complete the game.

The only things that are missing in the PC-version are the musics and the sound-effects. Maybe I'll release a second version if someone's kind enough to send me some midi-songs and samples...

Some technical information about the game. The game uses MODE-X with a resolution of 256*224. That's pretty weird (at least for PC), but since the first version of game was done on an MSX (which has a resolution of 256*212) this was the easiest way to do it. Offcourse I could scale all images, but then the images become very ugly.

Anyway, I was very happy when I saw that resolution in the Allegro-documention because it made things easier for me. The graphics were ripped from the MSX-version, the only tricky thing about it was that I had to hack the game to get the right palette (I lost the original source code...).
Last updated on August 11th, 2005
Fruit LandFruit LandFruit Land

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