Fishie Fishie

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Fishie Fishie - One button. One fish. One mission: Consume!




Fishie Fishie - One button. One fish. One mission: Consume!

Fishie Fishie is a kaleidoscope of high speed sea food, featuring a challenging one button fish control system, lovingly hand illustrated fish, fish related poetry, and fish.

The Story

Yesterday I played a game that had three different buttons for "jump". Three! I mean, really, what's happened to the world? How am I supposed to keep an eye on the kids, stay up to date with current affairs, and remember which button to press when I want to esape the toothy maw of an airborne crocodile? In protest I built Fishie Fishie, a game you play using exactly one button. Just one. If you want you can play it using lots of buttons, but there's not much point because they all do exactly the same thing! Fishie Fishie is a dazzling kalideoscope of high speed sea food, all lovingly illustrated by the fabulous Simon Lissaman.
Last updated on April 23rd, 2008
Fishie FishieFishie FishieFishie Fishie

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