Evil Bricks 0.1

Evil Bricks is an svgalib breakout clone.
Evil Bricks project is an svgalib breakout clone.

Evil Bricks, after commiting genocide on your race, are now plotting to leave the 2 dimensional universe you both occupy and conquer the 3rd dimension and beyond. Its up to you, the paddle, to save N-dimensional space from these evil overlords!

Armed with only your Antimatter Negative Reality Inversion Rectifier (aka 'the ball'), you set forth on your task. And a daunting task it is, but what choice do you have?

Keyboard controls: Arrow Keys (left and right) + Space Bar (to serve)

Mouse controls: obvious, and try pressing the left mouse button to serve (use the Space bar if it doesn't work)

you can pause the game by pressing the 'p' key
screenshots can be dumped with 't'
to end game early safely press 'Esc'

screenshots are in ppm P3 format can be converted with ppmtogif or other such utils. gimp and zgv can handle this format anyway.

It should be mentioned your mouse MUST be configured in /etc/vga/libvga.config for it to work correctly. Also you might have to run gpm with the -R switch I personally can't as it ruins X, I just end up having to kill gpm either way.


# make; su; make install

installs to /usr/local/bin

you can also do "make nosound" to skip compiling in sound support

/dev/console must be group writable and user must be in that group for sound to work

last updated on:
December 10th, 2006, 1:05 GMT
developed by:
shin momorin
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Evil Bricks
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