DeadlyCobra 0.7.0

DeadlyCobra is a game similar to the classic Nibbles or snake game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 15
Tom Lacaillade and Jeff Rousseau
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
3 DeadlyCobra Screenshots:
DeadlyCobra project is a game similar to the classic Nibbles or snake game.

Basically the point of the game is to eat as many pebbles (in this case "Men") as possible without eating yourself or hitting a wall.

Features include both single and multiplayer modes, cool 2-D graphics and energizing music for each level.

It was originally designed to compete in No Starch Press's game cometition, but has continued to evolve and grow beyond the December 1st, 2001 deadline.

Here are some key features of "DeadlyCobra":

2 Single player modes:
Adventure & Longest Snake
2 Head to Head multiplayer modes:
Standard & Instant Respawn
Simple design, keeping the program small
4 targets w/ individual movement patterns
9 difficulty increments
3 different levels
Music for each level
Sound effects
High score save



What's New in This Release:

implemented multiplayer support!
fixed the timing of the move functions
added a thread to handle controls
lowered CPU usage from ~99% -> ~1%
new graphics created
added new music created exclusively for DC
added _working_ tail
added the digestion of an eaten man
revamped screen layout
main menu is much more interactive
obstacle arangement changes on every level change
added more diversity between difficulty levels
difficulty level increases after every 3 levels completed
added key to save a screen shot (F12)
increased score to 4 digits
removed the ability for men to jump and avoid being eaten since many people thought it was a bug
added sound effects
added invulnerability period with blinking
added "Longest Snake" mode
2 years worth of misc changes, updates and minor fixes

Last updated on December 11th, 2006

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