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Creatures Internet Edition allows you to control the evolution of a species.




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Creatures Internet Edition game allows you to control the evolution of a species. The Norns are rather cute-looking creatures trapped aboard an interstellar spaceship, and they are in need of guidance to help them survive the trip.

Selectively breed your Norns and teach them how to perform tasks as they travel through deep space. Innovative AI technology means that these creatures learn as you teach them, and gain characteristics representative of their upbringing.

Creatures: Internet Edition includes Creatures 3 and the Creatures Docking Station expansion.

Nominated for a 2001 interactive BAFTA award, Creatures is a best-of-class for simulation games, and the series has been winning awards since its first release in 1997.
Last updated on March 17th, 2006

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Creatures Internet EditionCreatures Internet EditionCreatures Internet Edition

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