Cosmic Assault 1.1

Cosmic Assault is a retro space shooter game.

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Randy Kaelber
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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Cosmic AssaultCosmic AssaultCosmic Assault
Cosmic Assault is a retro space shooter game.

I wrote Cosmic Assault as my little homage to my coming of age in the early 1980s. It started life as one of the tutorials supplied for teaching programmers the fundamentals of pygame and I used that tutorial to hack together a little shoot-em-up game to see how all the components worked together.

One thing led to another, and the program was built on many layers of "Wouldn't it be neat if...", "I wonder what this does..." or "How do I do this..." As a result, this game is no paean to modern software engineering practices. Even though it uses classes, inheritance, and aggregation, the OO misfeatures are so numerous that it is guaranteed to make enterprise Java developers openly weep in their Gang of Four books.

But, in spite of all that (or likely because of it), this game is addictive, mindless fun. Your job is to fly your spacecraft into the unknown and mow down hordes of ruthless enemies in a noble effort to... Oh hell, quit listening to me babble, look at the screenshots, and download and play this bad boy already.

Last updated on January 15th, 2007


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