CHARGE 1.0.1

CHARGE is a fast-paced arcade game for Linux and Windows.

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Free for non-commercial use
3.0/5 14
Mikael Holmstrom
ROOT \ Games \ Arcade
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CHARGE is a fast-paced arcade game for Linux and Windows. As you bash your opponent, each level accelerates the tempo, and you must collect power-ups to stay ahead of the game.

CHARGE is based on "Pong", the original arcade game, with an added dimension (and other goodies).

The concept is not new, but CHARGE aims to provide greater playability by giving visual keys to the ball's position, e.g. through the use of per-pixel lighting.

This project is freeware (free for non-commercial use).


To install CHARGE execute "" and follow the instructions, note that you must run it as root to install in a system-wide location. After installing type "charge" to play, or "charge -h" for a list of options. To play without installing, make sure that the game files are in your current working directory and run "charge".

CHARGE will create a directory ".charge" in your home folder, where your config, highscrores, screenshots and the log will be written to.

While playing press F5 to save a screenshot to your user folder, ESC to pause/exit the game or F2 to terminate the game immediately. You control your bat with the mouse (or the arrow keys for an extra challenge). Right-click to adjust the camera, middle-click to reset it.

If your system is not capable of a 640x480 pixel resolution, and/or 24-bit colordepth, you must supply the arguments "-g 640x480x16".


CHARGE features four types of special items. When the ball catches one, the last player to hit the ball will recieve a power-up.

The powerups are:

Expansion (arrows), increases the size of your bat, up to 120 percent.
Score (euro), increases your highscore rating
Extra life (1up), gives you an extra chance when losing a round
Health (cross), recharges your shield


Pentium III 650Mhz or better
15 MB hard drive space
OpenGL 1.2 compatible graphics processor,
8 MB of video RAM
640x480 resolution at 16-bit colordepth
Recommended: Graphics card capable of pixel-shaders and a 1024x768 resolution at 24-bit colordepth

What's New in This Release:

Made camera adjustable
Added depth highlight on walls
Fixed an issue where walls were too bright on fixed-function pipelines

Last updated on February 19th, 2008

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