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Multiplayer battleship game





Battleship is a cross network, or peer-to-peer online battleship game. The rules for this version of the game are one shot per turn. Not much else to say.


When opening the game:

left-click to add a ship.
left-click on a ship to turn it.
right-click on a ship to remove it.
return to advance to the next ship.

Once all ships have been placed, you will choose to either serve or join a game. If you choose to serve a game, your game will freeze while waiting for a connection.

If you choose to join a game, your game will freeze while connecting.

Once connected, your game will unfreeze.


During your turn, your pas shots will be displayed. Green shots mean misses, and red ones mean hits. You cannot shoot on a previous shot. When you shoot, the result of your shot will be displayed for one second. During this state, there is no way to know what your oponent's board is, as the layout is never transfered. If you sink all the opoenent's ships, a "You Win!" screen will show. You should then procede to closing the game.

While waiting for your oponent's shot, your ships will be displayed, and all the past shots of your oponent will also be displayed. Once your oponent shoots, it will be displayed on your screen for one second. If he/she sinks all your ships, a "You Loose" screen will show. You should then procede to closing the game.
Last updated on January 25th, 2009
Battleship - Battleship game

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