Assault Wing 0.4

Assault Wing is a fast paced multiplayer action game.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Ville Nurmi, Mikko Tiihonen and Pekka ...
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Assault Wing is a fast paced multiplayer action game. Two or more players fly their ships in cave-like two-dimensional arenas and shoot each other. Thus, Assault Wing could be called a cave flying game or a cave flyer. Assault Wing for Linux is under heavy construction, so there's much nothing to say about it yet.

The Linux version of Assault Wing is actually a remake of the developers' DOS game of the same name. However, many new features are planned to be made to the Linux version, so there is going to be a great difference between these two.

The idea for multiplayer cave flying games such as Assault Wing is old. Turboraketti is a well-known ancestor in this genre. And if one digs the archives, he can find cave flying such games on the Commodore 64 as Caverns of Eriban and Thrust. As an example of a modern(?!) Unix cave flyer one can mention XPilot.

However, Auts - a classic cave flyer running on the good old DOS - was the original reason why the developers began creating Assault Wing in the first place. Auts had several oddities that they thought they could easily fix in their own game. Several months passed before the team had a simple screen where two players could control different colored pixels (their ships!) and shoot each other. That was all they needed for the actual game. From there on, the developers just added cool things as they and their friends (thanks to them) invented them. After a year of developing, a buggy but otherwise very playable and nice looking game was finished.

The Linux version of Assault Wing aims to be at least as good a game as the DOS version is.


gtkmm 1.2


Unpack the packages (most likely named like awing-x.y.tar.gz and awing-data-x.y.tar.gz):
tar xzvf awing-x.y.tar.gz
tar xzvf awing-data-x.y.tar.gz
This creates the directory 'awing' where Assault Wing appears.

Now configure and make in that directory:
cd awing

Now the game is compiled. You can run it:
cd src

Last updated on December 12th, 2007

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