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3D Pong project is a simple Xlib vector-based ping-pong game.




3D Pong project is a simple Xlib vector-based ping-pong game.

3D Pong is is a very small and fast ping-pong or handball game for one or two players. It uses simple 3D vector graphics in Xlib.

Multiple views are possible, and red/blue separation is available for users with 3D movie glasses.

Here are some key features of "3D Pong":

Game Play:
1 player against the computer
1 player in "handball" mode
2 players, networked
User-defined gravity level
With or without a deflective "net"

Display Modes:
Red/Blue split mode for true 3D using 3D glasses!!!
Six viewing positions:
First Person POV from behind your paddle
"Bleacher" view from the side of the game arenta.
Above view.
Freely rotatable mode (using the mouse)
A dizzying "follow the ball" mode
Follow the paddle mode


Unix or Linux operating system (including Mac OS X running Fink)
X-Window display environment
Mouse (3-button recommended)
Red/Blue 3D glasses (optional)

What's New in This Release:

Made command-line options "--longoption"-style.
Added "--help" option to show usage.
Manual page contributed.
Changed references to "server" (as in X11 server) to "display"; less ambig.
Created "docs" subdirectory for documentation.
Split credits, changes and installation stuff out of Readme.
Created a basic TODO.txt.
Renamed "makefile" to "Makefile", and cleaned up.
Created "examples" subfolder; brought back example scripts.
Renamed demo scripts ("go" and "handball") to 3dpong-*.sh.
Added "$*" to arguments in demo scripts (so you can, e.g., add "-sound")
Added "install" and "uninstall" targets for makefile.
Last updated on November 10th, 2006
3D Pong3D Pong

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