vov 2.0.0

vov (Vov's Obsessive Von-neumann) is a tool that emulates the behavior of a Von-neumann machine.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.6/5 16
Davide Scola
ROOT \ Education
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vov (Vov's Obsessive Von-neumann) is a tool that emulates the behavior of a Von-neumann machine. It is basically an interpreter, which reads files in the form of memory assignments and executes the encoded instructions.

The vov's instructions make you able to perform simple arithmetic data manipulation. It is a very useful tool to see if your programs work and how. You can run a vov program from a file as you would any other shell, Perl, Python or Ruby program.


To configure vov, there is a shell script named configure in the top source directory. It is a standard GNU autoconf configure script, and so accepts the standard GNU configuration options (such as --prefix) To run it type

you@localhost$ ./configure [enter]

and add any options. The non-standard options that the script recognizes are described below. Running the script with the --help option will also provide a quick summary of the recognized options.

--enable-ansi[=STD]: compile against the standard ISO STD (default c99)

--disable-warnings: turn off all compiler warning flags (default: no)

--enable-gprof: creates a binary with profiling information usable with GNU gprof (default: no)

--enable-debug: turn on debugging code (default: no)

--enable-frame-pointer: enable callframe generation for debugging (default: no)

--with-psize: set the memory page size; it must be numeric and a power of two between 512 (OpenVMS VAX) and 16384 (Intel Itanium - IA64) bytes. If you know a working system with a memory page not in this range, please drop me a mail. This value is system dependent: touch it only if you know what you are doing. The default value should be right on almost all cases (default: 4096)

Last updated on April 14th, 2008

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