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uspell project is a spelling tester/teacher for elementary school.




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uspell project is a spelling tester/teacher for elementary school.

uspell is a sound-card based spelling tester.

The words to be spelled are spoken aloud by the computer's sound hardware and the user is then prompted to spell the word via the keyboard.

To set up the rewards: make a directory, call it $base. Then "uspell -set $base", and dictate congratulatory statements for reward1 .. reward9 (or fewer).

I suggest parents or teacher perform this step, so the voice for the reward is not the same as the voice for the words. My list of rewards is pretty simple ("Hooray", "Good job", "Congratulations", "Atta-boy"). A final closing remark (like "You did it, that's the end") can be put in $base/reward-end.raw. Configure $base below to match your choice $base.

I expect the child him/her self to dictate the spelling words. "uspell -set unit_name", and it will give instructions from there. It may take some practice to
pause the right amount of time between hitting and saying the word. A *nix guru may be helpful cleaning up messes.

I expect the child himself/herself to dictate the words, and someone else to dictate the rewards, so there is an additional distinction between the words to type, and the rewards.
Last updated on October 31st, 2006

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