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A graphical frontend to Collins' English-Polish, Polish-English and Langenscheidt Polish-German.






Kydpdict is a graphical frontend to Collins' Polish-English, English-Polish and Langenscheidt Polish-German. German-Polish dictionaries published by Young Digital Poland.

This is a front-end to YDP Collins' dictionary. You need to have windows version installed. In fact you need only four files:

dict100.dat, dict101.dat, dict100.idx, dict101.idx

for German language these will be needed:

dict200.dat, dict201.dat, dict200.idx, dict201.idx

It is very possible that there is also French version of YDP dictionary that also can be used with this program. Please contact me if you have such thing.

The program will ask you to supply the path to a directory where these files are located. Additionaly, if you would have mounted CD-ROM with the dictionary, the program is able to play samples with prononciation of English words. (note that you can simply copy files from CD-ROM somewhere and pass that path to kydpdict. The player is configurable so you can encode these files to mp3 or ogg).

Most notable feature of kydpdict is that every time you copy a word to the clipboard (it is enough to highlight it) the application will catch it and try to find in the current dictionary, then will put its window on top so you can actually read the definition of that word (or the most similar one). To turn off this behavior simply minimize kydpdict window or use toolbal or tray icon menu. In order to quickly enter a new word without using mouse just press ESC and then type.

This application is heavily based on ydpdict by Wojciech Kaniewski.
Last updated on March 30th, 2009
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