django-web-utils 0.0.1

Django helpers for working with the web
django-web-utils is a Django app that provides some helpers for working with the web.

Provided are:


formats currency (USD) to a string.

>>> cash = 1250
>>> formatted = format_currency(cash)

>>> formatted = format_currency(cash, places=0)

>>> cash = 0
>>> formatted = format_currency(cash, show_zero=False)

format_currency template tag

For django to be able to find the templatetags, you'll need to register web_utils in your INSTALLED_APPS settings

{% load formatting_tags %}

# value, places, show_zero flag. {% format_currency cash_amount 0 "False" %}


A signal receiver to ping Google Sitemap to let them know your content changed

1. Add the following to PING_GOOGLE_SITEMAP = True SITE_DOMAIN = ''

2. Add a named url: 'sitemap' so the method can resolve your sitemap url

3. Register the receiver on whatever signal you'd like to trigger the ping.

 receiver(models.signals.post_save, sender=BlogEntry, dispatch_uid="BlogEntry")(ping_google_sitemap)


Allows you to force various urls through https or http

1. Add SSL_ENABLED = True to your

2. Add web_utils.middleware.SSLMiddleware to your middleware settings

3. Add a USE_SSL = True/False to a route's view_kwargs

 url(r'^admin/', include(, kwargs={'USE_SSL': True}),

By default, all routes will be forced to http unless they have USE_SSL=True If you would like to flip this and secure everything except only specific routes add USE_SSL_DEFAULT=True to your settings.

last updated on:
February 28th, 2012, 21:26 GMT
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BSD License 
developed by:
Aaron Madison
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