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A computer program that implements the Kisekae Set system, KiSS.





UltraKiss is a computer program that implements the Kisekae Set system, KiSS. It is both an application viewer and a development environment. The viewer displays graphic pages or scenes where each scene can show a different artistic theme for your work.

Traditional KiSS sets are applications that focus on cartoon or animation characters. For presentations you could create different concepts or slides. For general applications you could build screens and reports with graphical components. UltraKiss implements a model based upon the idea of building applications from visual images, rather than data.

UltraKiss has an event driven programming language for interactive application control. There is an integrated color editor tool to change the colors of images. An image editor tool lets you draw new images or change the size, shape, or structure of your images. UltraKiss provides an archive file manager that lets you package and save your application images in standard files or compressed archive files. There is also a full featured integrated audio and video player so that you can include different sounds or movies in your presentations.

The UltraKiss viewer, when in development mode, can be used to create new KiSS sets or modify scenes within an existing set. Images can be altered. New images can be added to the application or new pages created as required. Programmed actions that trigger on common image interaction events can be specified. UltraKiss has been designed to provide improved developer support so that it is easy to create new material.

This is a fully functional version of the product. Software registration is not required. Effective with release version 2.0, Kisekae UltraKiss is open source software released under terms of the GNU General Public License.

Note: KiSS dolls (and other creations) are generally distributed in lhz (LHarc) files. Accessories, multimedia support, and interactive functions vary. Dolls range from sexless humanoids to fully anatomically correct erotica so review what you download before giving your kids access.
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