Torah Tools 0.3

Torah Tools is a collection of utilities designed to assist Torah learning.

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Shalom Naumann
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Torah Tools
You've now learned Gittin and reviewed it three times. Now, while learning Tosfos on Kesubos, you remember that there is a relavent Gemarah, somewhere in Gittin. The question is where. You think it was near the top of an Amud Aleph, probably on a page with lots of Tosfos and not too much Rashi. Do you have to start flipping through Gittin to find the elusive Daf?

That's where Daf test enters the picture. Daf test is a tool to help memorize what page each Gemarah is to be found. After you learn a Perek, or a Mesechta, you take the "Daf test". The program displays an Amud of Gemarah, or a selection of one, and you have to choose where the displayed Amud can be found.

Ashrei Mi Shebah L'Kan V'talmudo B'yado - Praiseworth is he who enters the world-to-come, with his learning in his hand. (Pesachim 50a)

Currently, Daf test is available in English only, but there are plans to eventually translate it (as well as this entire website) into Hebrew. If you have strong Hebrew skills and would like to help with translations, please contact us.


Java Runtime Environment 6 or higher

What's New in This Release:

Select any combination of Dafim, Perakim, Mesechtos, or all of Shas to be tested on
Changed the answer selection view, allowing scrolling to view all possible answers

Last updated on October 17th, 2007

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