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Tigerbooks project is a online book exchange.




Tigerbooks project is a online book exchange.

Tigerbooks is an online book exchange designed for individual universities and colleges.

Students can post books for sale or browse for books to buy. Fulltext and ISBN searches are available.

There are other book exchange systems currently available. However, TigerBooks is an open source solution.

This means that it is freely available to any University or College that wishes to use it for its own students. Furthermore, any University or College can make contributions to the TigerBooks thus distributing its maintenance costs.

Maintenance costs are particularly important in academic realms as students are only at their institutions for the duration of their program. Being an open source solution means the Universities and Colleges do not have to worry about who will be maintaining TigerBooks in the years to come.

TigerBooks is a successful open source project and will see greater success in the future as it is distributed amongst Universities and Colleges. It is successful really for two reasons.

The first being that is meets the needs of students in exchanging their textbooks. The second is that it is open source and consequently is maintained by the open source community.
Last updated on October 21st, 2006

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