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Teacher Control Panel allows a teacher to monitor, lock, and operate student computers.





Teacher Control Panel allows a teacher to monitor, lock, and operate student computers and broadcast the teacher's screen to the students.

Teacher Control Panel can work with a mix of Windows and Linux workstations. The screens are captured using VNC, and the teacher's screen is broadcast using multicast.

Here are some key features of "Teacher Control Panel":

· Supervise the activity of the students (view student screens)
· Lock student screens
· Broadcast the teacher screen to students (all students or a subset) fullscreen or in a window (this feature uses multicast therefore can scale to many computer very well)
· Control remotely a student computer
· Run a script for every student computers
· Compatible with any Java compatible OS (default configuration is for Linux)


· VNC server


1) start a VNC server on every computer (teacher and students)

- all the vnc servers on the student machines have to be configured
with the same password

2) Create a configuration file for the student modules (an example is provided)

3) Start the student module on the student computers

java -jar student.jar

--- or ---

double click on student.jar

The configuration will be loaded from the file "student.properties" in
the current directory.

4) Start the teacher module on the teacher computer, configuration options will be asked.

java -jar teacher.jar

--- or ---

Double click on teacher.jar
Last updated on October 23rd, 2006
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