RefKeep 2.11

RefKeep project is a personal bibliography assistant.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Dilu Joseph
ROOT \ Education
RefKeep project is a personal bibliography assistant.

RefKeep is software targeted at teachers, students, and researchers -- people who read and manage a large number of books, journals, magazines, and papers regularly.

It is a tool to manage one's research and other bibliographic information.

Here are some key features of "RefKeep":

Organize and maintain bibliographic information (books, journals, series, papers etc) in the form of RefCollections.
Search your bibliographic information with ease.
Generate Reference lists in various formats (HTML, plain text, custom defined formats). For example, a professor can generate easily generate a list of references to be put up on a course website.
Insert references (citations) of bibliographic sources in a variety of formats with ease. For example, you can insert a reference to a particular paper you read into the latex file or MS Word document you are editing.
Keep track of books, journals, etc borrowed from your personal collection.
Create annotated RefLinks between any type of records.
Each record can be associated with comments/annotations. Separate Note records can also be maintained.
Easy import and export of records, facilating seamless sharing of data between persons. For example, a grad student can send some interesting RefKeep records in his collection to his advisor through email.
In the future: Integration with a research project management system, course grading system, access RefCollections over the internet, Use/Import existing bibtex citation repositories.

What's New in This Release:

Fixed Import/Export bug (Null pointer exception when no paper source files involved in Export)
Fixed bug in Saving RefCollections (entities like & in RefCollection details are okay now)
Fixed bug in Import (If you cancel the Save required while importing records into a brand new (previously un saved) RefCollection, the Import process also aborts)
Reduced Splash Screen display time from 10 seconds to 4 seconds.
Fixed bug in saving RefCollections with filenames containing '.'s
Fixed bug while 'un'-choosing Source, Authors etc.

Last updated on October 24th, 2006

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