RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox 2.03

RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox controls LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots with MATLAB via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox controls LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots with MATLAB via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox is developed to control LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots with MATLAB via a wireless Bluetooth connection. This software is a free open source product and is subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). The development of the RWTH - Mindstorms NXT Toolbox was motivated by a RWTH Aachen University student project - MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms - for electrical engineering students and therefore designed mainly for education purposes.

The toolbox functions are based on the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Bluetooth Communication Protocol to control the intelligent NXT Brick via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Although a Bluetooth connection is not recommended for a real-time robot controlling in general, because of its high latency, this toolbox provides MATLAB functions to interact with a robot directly.

The main advantage of this remote control concept enables you to combine robot applications with complex mathematical operations and visualizations within MATLAB. This toolbox opens unlimited possibilities to provide the robots artifical intelligence and other improvements using the manifold MATLAB features and calculations for digital signal processing.

Main features:

  • Bluetooth connections,
  • the NXT sensors (e.g. touch, sound, light and ultrasonic sensor),
  • the NXT servo motors and
  • additional NXT system features (e.g. get battery level, play tone).
  • Advantages of using the RWTH - Mindstorms NXT Toolbox
  • (compared to programming languages operating directly on the NXT brick)
  • Huge increase in available CPU power and memory
  • Virtually unlimited program size (compared to classic NXT programs)
  • Control multiple robots from within one single program (only limited by the number of simultaneously installed Bluetooth adapters)
  • Run remote MATLAB programs to observe sensors etc. while classic NXT programs are executing at the same time
  • Use additional common hardware, e.g. webcams, joysticks, etc.
  • Advanced debugging features are fully supported, i.e. breakpoints, step-by-step execution, on-the-fly variable inspection
  • Enjoy the advantages of networking and internet in your robot applications
  • Impressive and well-documented 2D- and 3D-visualization capabilities for data representation
  • Use existing programs, toolboxes or libraries, e.g. neural networks, image processing, databases
  • Easy-to-use MATLAB profiler to detect bottlenecks of your programs
  • Use MATLAB's GUIDE to easily design applications and forms using drag and drop
  • The RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox is stable and was sucessfully tested by over 300 students using more than 75 NXT robots and 150 computers running various operating systems

last updated on:
March 17th, 2009, 19:57 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox Team
ROOT \ Education
RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox
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What's New in This Release:
  • The following new sensors are supported: HiTechnic Color Sensor (digital), HiTechnic Gyroscopic Sensor (analog), Codatex RFID Sensor (digital), HiTechnic Infrared Seeker, HiTechnic Acceleration Sensor, and HiTechnic Magnetic Compass Sensor.
  • A private low-level function, waitUntilI2CReady, was added to support the implementation of complex I2C sensors.
  • The NXC_ResetErrorCorrection function was added.
  • The new NXTmotor class was improved in various places and is more stable now.
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