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Learn computer programming using the language Python





RUR-PLE is a Python learning environment, a "new and improved" version of GvR that extends Pattis' ideas and allows a smooth transition to the use of variables as well as functions/methods, classes and objects.

RUR-PLE is a complete environment, its lessons cover the use of all of Python's keywords. A Python interpreter and simple editor are included to explore Python outside the robot's world.

Developer comments

While learning to program can be fun, it does require some work on your part. I will be your guide, so that you can learn on your own; however, you will not learn if you do not write your own programs. This is important enough that you should take it as a rule to follow.

Rule # 1 Learning about computer programming is like learning to play a musical instrument: you have to do it, not simply read about it. The second thing you need to know is the most important, best-kept secret for writing good computer programs.

Rule # 2 Write your computer programs to make them easy for people to read. That's right, write your computer programs so that other people, just like you, would find them easy to read on their own. Yes, computer languages are designed to allow you to communicate with computers, just as human languages have evolved to allow humans to communicate with each other. But computer languages, which are much simpler than human languages, are often used by programmers to share their work with other programmers. Just as you can improve your English writing skills by reading well-written novels, you can improve your programming skills by reading well-written computer programs. However, you will still need to write your own programs to learn how to do it.

To get you started on writing computer programs, you will make a robot, named Reeborg, perform certain tasks on your computer screen. While doing so, you will learn universal programming concepts as well as the language named Python. Later on, we will move away from having Reeborg perform tasks, and learn to do other things using the computer.
Last updated on January 4th, 2010

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