QtQuran 0.1

Quran project is aimed to be a comprehensive tool to navigate through texts of the Quran.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Mohammed Damt & Mohammed Yousif
ROOT \ Education
Quran project is aimed to be a comprehensive tool to navigate through texts of the Quran, play readings of selected verses, as well as other features.

QtQuran project should also cover multiple translations of the Quran.

Arabeyes is a Meta project that is aimed at fully supporting the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment. It is designed to be a central location to standardize the Arabization process. Arabeyes relies on voluntary contributions by computer professionals and enthusiasts all over the world.

Unlike other Arabized products, Arabeyes is Open Source, completely FREE and abides by the ideals of the open source communities. Arabeyes aims for all active participants and volunteers to partake in the development process and to speak their mind on this professional effort.

The idea of Arabizing Unix is not a new one. However, most of the attempts were done by Arab computer science students studying outside of the Arab world. Once those individuals graduated, their projects were abandoned. Resulting in very sparse code and in every subsequent attempt in having to re-invent the wheel. Arabeyes aims to eliminate this redundancy and lack of information by not depending on any one person or group - Arabeyes is aimed to succeed irrespective of the interest or availability of the parties involved.

Arabeyes plans to address every aspect of making the use of Arabic on linux/unix common and without headaches/hurdles. Arabeyes' goal is not to create new applications (if those applications exist), but to incorporate modifications/additions to existing common everyday-use applications. Arabeyes will initially engage in the following projects,

Address the various font/keyboard-mapping issues
Create the ability to write plain-text Arabic easily
Create the ability to spell-check your Arabic text documents
Create the ability to send/receive mail through an Arabic interface
Localize (or translate) Common Graphical-User-Interface (GUI)
Create the ability to take Arabic text files and create various enriched documents (TeX, word, etc)

The Arabeyes project acknowledges the importance of documentation. It is the only way to ensure that Arabization will proceed forward. Documentation creates a concrete foundation which others can refer to and follow in the future.

What's New in This Release:

qtquran requires qt-3.0.5 and libquran (libexpat, libspeex and libogg).

Last updated on December 30th, 2005

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