Pycabulary 1.2.2

An English to Italian, Italian to English online vocabulary
Pycabulary is a parser for dicius implemented in Python.

dicius is a free online language dicionaries and Pycabulary offer a confortable interface to it. Actually Pycabulary is, at the moment, three different interfaces for the same service, a command line interface, GTK one and a Tkinter one, chooce what the best is for you. Notice that Tkinter is part of the standard Python library and is fully portable to every platform Python is supported (MasOs, Windows and Unix).

At the moment only english/italian and italian/english vocabularies are implemented.


Pycabulary uses setuptools and pypi so procedure should be painless.

With easy_install:

easy_install pycabulary

or download the tarball from pypi, unpack it and install it:

tar zxf Pycabulary-1.0.tar.gz
cd Pycabulary-1.0/
python install

If you prefer download the last source from bitbucket:

hg clone


To translate to english from italian on terminal:

pycabulary cli -e vocabolario

For more info:

pycabulary --help

To run the GTK version or the Tkinter version:

pycabulary gtk


pycabulary tk

Developer comments

I did not tried it on Windows but at least a double click on the executable should be enough to run the Tkinter version. Also the .egg file should be executable, or eggsecutable, try a double click on it.


For the docs look in the docs/ directory. To build the man page install docutils and rst2man and type from the console:

rst2man pycabulary.txt pycabulary.1

last updated on:
October 4th, 2010, 12:38 GMT
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
developed by:
Marco Giusti
ROOT \ Education
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