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Parley is a vocabulary trainer.





Parley is a vocabulary trainer. It is the successor of KVocTrain. The gui has been reworked to be user friendly while keeping the potential of KVocTrain.

Parley features different tests, including written, multiple choice, gender of nouns, comparison forms, conjugations. Example sentences can be used to create fill in the gap tests.

Sound and image support will be added soon. Declinations are planned as well. Vocabulary management with Parley is very powerful.

Many documents already exist ready to use. Parley is not limited to language training, memorization of other things will work just as well.

Parley supports multiple languages in one file and you can practice any combination of those!

This application is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.


KDE 4.x

What's New in This Release:

Plasmoid to allow passive learning fits into the panel or looks nice on the desktop mouse hover to reveal the solution
Improved main window using dock widgets to allow faster editing of the vocabulary and context
Word types overview, display all words of one type
Improved synonym handling allows as many synonyms for a word as you want
Drag and drop for vocabulary and lessons and word types (rearrange your lessons any way you want to, drag words into a lesson to put them there).
Sublessons of arbitrary depth. Allows easy organization even of huge files with a large number of words.
Add tip of the day dialog with some hints how to use Parley efficiently (let me know if you have good tips to add!)
An integrated KCharSelect widget to easily enter any (un)thinkable unicode char
Improved copy and paste to include all context like word type and conjugations
Clean and better looking statistics dialog
Capability to export as HTML, either as flash cards or table. Nice for printouts. The table version lets you hide the answers for one column, so you have a test ready in no time to fill out.
Spellchecking with Sonnet works as soon as a dictionary (aspell, ispell or enchant) for the language is installed
Vocabulary column headers are now tri state, sort ascending, descending, original order with no hastle
Ability to show comments, word types, example sentences in the table next to the vocabulary entries
Add a "remove all grades from document" action to the menu, allow removal of grades from individual lesson's grades in the statistics view
Updated toolbar icons. Thanks Lee!
Updated get hot new stuff to be able to download vocabulary files including sound and images (compressed files support). Thanks Jeremy!
Dialog to let the user know if the current practice contains no words because of settings, including the option to ignore settings.
Lots of cleanup and minor bug fixes
Last updated on July 13th, 2008
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