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OLAT is a web-based Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) / Learning Content Management System (LCMS) used in the public sector of Switzerland and in many other places in the world.

The initial development started at the University of Zuerich, Switzerland where it is deployed on the main OLAT server. OLAT is open source and completely free of charge.

Official support for OLAT is available at the Multimedia & e-Learning Center for Swiss university members. Commercial support is available through goodsolutions.

Official documentation: http://www.olat.org/website/en/html/download_documentation.html

Main features:

  • Pure HTML based GUI, no Java needed (unless your content does need it).
  • "No frames" solution
  • Context sensitive help system on screen and comprehensive manual organized as course
  • Multilingual, currently available in german and english, italian and french.
  • OLAT is fully UTF-8 based: e.g. a forum can have a post mixed in german and chineese
  • Printview with optimized printing template and optimized font.
  • Right based security - more flexible than role based security
  • OLAT course editor allows creation of new courses within short time
  • Course system based on ideas of IMS Learning Design (also known as Educational Modeling Language)
  • Courses can be downloaded and imported again
  • Course system allows implementation of any paedagogical concept - no concept forced
  • Course structure is beeing build using easy to configure course building blocks
  • Structure
  • IMS Content Packaging content form learning repository
  • SCORM 1.2 runtime environment for SCORM content packages
  • Local content (via fileupload or WebDAV, integrated WYSIWYG content editor)
  • External content (image database, web application)
  • IMS QTI test, self-test and questionnaire
  • Task (selection of multiple tasks, dop-in-box, manual scoring)
  • Manual scoring
  • Enrolment in groups
  • Discussion forum
  • Chat
  • File share folder
  • Shared folder for resources needed in several courses
  • Contact form
  • Course audit infrastructure. Different files record changes, user behavior and access statistics.
  • Course preview with simulation of time, groups membership and attributes
  • Ability to custom style your courses
  • Advanced enrolment system (self enrolment in groups, management of available seats)
  • Advanced group management, associating groups to learning areas
  • Support for self organized learning / collaborative work via project groups: every user can create his or her own group and work together with peers.
  • Instant Messaging and awareness integration. The jabber instant messaging system is fully integrated into OLAT. See which users / Buddies are online, chat with anyone who is online.
  • Be informed about changes using notifications. Currently notification subscriptions are implemented for forum and folders and test results
  • Personalized RSS news feed keeps you up to date
  • Testing system with various testing types (Multiple Choice, Single Choice, kPrim, Fill in blank), fully based on IMS QTI v1.2 (See the OLAT QTI conformance statement).
  • Score based course system: score can be fed automatically (by online tests) or manually (by the coaches)
  • Personalized task management
  • Personalizable portal style user home
  • Questionary/Survey system, fully based on IMS QTI v1.2.1.
  • OLAT catalog allows hierarchical structuring of learning resources as you know it from the Google/Yahoo directories
  • File sharing disk space for each user (via HTTP or WebDav)
  • Virtual file system lets users access all accessable fileresources over a single mount point
  • File sharing features a public folder to share content with other OLAT users
  • No additional e-mail account needed, makes use of existing user email accounts
  • Easy backup of folders and files via ZIP compression
  • Full integration of the Shibboleth authentication and authorization protocol (In Switzerland used by SWITCH AAI)
  • Extension mechanism for developers to extend OLAT for custom needs
  • 100% Java, only tomcat and a relational database required (Tested with MySQL, Postgres and HSQL)
  • Documentation for users and developers
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Unlimited number of courses
  • And did we already mention it? There are no fees, it is gratis - source code included.

last updated on:
October 5th, 2010, 8:42 GMT
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
developed by:
The OLAT Team
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What's New in This Release:
  • Some of the new features are a course element supporting IMS Basic LTI interoperability, a wizard simplifying the creation of OLAT courses, a pluggable QTI 2.1 test engine and many improved features and components. And last but not least the installation of OLAT for productive use got significantly easier! No need to download source code anymore, just grab the WAR file and deploy it in your Tomcat servlet engine!
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