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LingNUX is a dictionary for French students of the Russian language.




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LingNUX is a dictionary for French students of the Russian language. Both languages can be easily entered without affecting the AZERTY French keyboard settings at the system level. It reads dictionary files with the DSL extension, which is one of the formats used by the famous Russian dictionary "ABBYY Lingvo" under Windows.

Installing the dictionaries

Getting several different theme based dictionaries (including several free ones) is possible at:

Furthermore, if you are owner of an official ABBYY Lingvo version running under Windows (and only in that case), you have the possibility to convert LSD files supplied on the CD to DSL files, by using the Windows executable provided by ABBYY: DSLComp.exe.

For proceeding to this conversion, please get informed about what is allowed for your version, by looking on the internet for the word combination: "DSLComp.exe" and "Lingvo". (A basic knowledge of the russian language is strongly recommended).

As well as at least two DSL files (one FR-RU and one RU-FR) are available, LingNUX will be useable. Before using it the following steps have to be performed:


For each file, launch: linguindex filename.dsl

No warning nor error must occur and the notice "100 percent scanned" must be displayed at process end.


In root mode, move the DSL files and their associated IDX files created by linguindex into:
/usr/share/lingnux/ (Since you created the lingnux directory in /usr/share/ ).
However, installing this files into other directories of your choice still be possible, but the example shown hereafter is provided according to this location.


Edit "diclist.txt" and modify the file access pathes in the following order:
(Note: ".dsl" extensions are removed from file names).


In case of non available dictionaries, replace the path line by: "NONE".
However, at least one universal Russian-French and one universal French-Russian dictionary are required.

Note: Do not erase the comment line at the begining of file:
Do not suppress any other line.

Save "diclist.txt". LingNUX is ready to be launched, under terminal or from a shortcut on your desktop. If the application gets closed immediately on start-up, launch it from the terminal to get informed by the displayed error messages.

What's New in This Release:

Display bugfixes.
Last updated on April 1st, 2008

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