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Kana no quiz is a little tool to memorize japanese kana (hiragana & katakana).





Kana no quiz project is a little tool to memorize japanese kana (hiragana & katakana).

The method is quite simple: kana randomly appear and you have to find their transcription in rōmaji (Hepburn). There are several possibilities, but only one anwser is right!

Thanks to this method, you memorize the kana to its transcription, and thus know how to pronouce it!

It has been translated into several languages, and many quiz options are configurable. Kana images have been initially modelled in SVG and are placed under the Free Art License.

Through its option panel, Kana no quiz allows you to tune up
the quiz precisely, like choosing which group of kana you want
to train yourself upon.

First, hiragana and katakana are separated, both are then di-vided into big sets of kana according to their type ("Basic", "Modified", "Combined"; and a special "Additional" set for katakana only) which are thus composed of various portions containing 5/6 kana, following the traditional alphabet order (i.e.: ``ka ki ku ke ko").

According to your need and level, you may select one or more portions of the same or different sets, whole sets, all the kana... Once you feel comfortable (you can check it with the results displayed at the end of each quiz), you may also increase the number of possible answers in the random list, or even choose to answer directly through the text entry. Difficulty can be adapted to your skill: this is progressive learning.

From the complete beginner who has to start easily and learn step by step, to the wizard who just wants to confirm his/her absolute master of the kana, everyone should get satisfated with Kana no quiz!


· Python
· The Gimp Tool Kit

What's New in This Release:

· This release mainly features vocal pronouncing of all kana (with male and female voices), switchable kana image themes (with the addition of a second theme, taken from the GPL program "Kana Test"), faster loading and enhanced design of the big kana, a table window, and an updated Polivanov system (new transcribed kana).
Last updated on September 14th, 2007
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