Glove 2.0.0

Glove is a tool that provides an interface to data acquisition systems, sophisticated (and correct) statistical analysis,etc.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Glove is a tool that provides an interface to data acquisition systems, sophisticated (and correct) statistical analysis, a plotting tool, and the ability to easily manipulate the data. Its modular design allows plug-ins for acquisition, manipulation, and analysis.

Here are some key features of "Glove":

Data Manipulation

Spreadsheet-like interface to data
Powerful and flexible built-in data transformations
Arbitrary data transformations via plug-in modules
Data import/export via plug-in modules
Data acquisition via plug-in modules

Plotting the Data

Arbitrary number of data sets and curves in each graph
Supports errors in both x and y coordinates
Zoom in/out
Linear or logarithmic scales on either axis
Option to plot only what lies within a sub-range of the axis range
Dual cursors for both x and y coordinates
Plot functions and data on same graph in order to compare them
Fit functions to the data

Statistical Data Analysis

Only correct linear fit that we could find for data with errors in both variables.
Quadratic fit
Exponential fit
Fit to arbitrary functions via plug-in modules
Residual plots allow you to check for the presence of additional effects

Miscellaneous Features

Session management
Multiple Document Interface
All configuration done via dialog windows instead of config files
Configurable button toolbars
Searchable, hypertext on-line help
Full support for European languages
Easy translation to other languages without the need to recompile the source
Designed to work with multiple virtual desktops and both Click-to-Focus and Point-to-Focus.
Support for scrolling via wheel mice
Supports Drag-and-Drop (XDND) and Direct Save (XDS) protocols.
Works with Gnome and KDE session managers.

What's New in This Release:

First release under the GPL.
To compile the source, you must also download the JX Application Framework.

Last updated on October 23rd, 2007

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