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A command-line and Open Source utility for learning how to type and improve your typing skills

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GNU Typist (also known as gtypist) is an open source, free and universal typing tutor that lets users to learn how to type right, as well as how to improve their typing skills through exercises. It is based on and inspired by the Typist application.

Features at a glance

The software includes various typing tutorials that are translated into several languages, as well as support for various keyboard layouts. It interprets an intuitive and simple scripting language, which is used for describing typing tutorials, lets users to easily modify existing tutorials, as well as to create new ones.

In addition, GNU Typist supports internationalization, various all mainstream operating systems, including GNU/Linux, GNU/HURD, BSD, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows, and lets users to easily navigate through lessons. Both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware architectures are supported at this time.

Getting started with GNU Typist

Installing the GNU Typist program in your GNU/Linux distribution is an easy task, as all you’ll have to do is to open the graphical package manager, search for the gtypist package and install it. After installation, open a terminal emulator app and run the ‘gtypist --help’ command to view the program’s command-line options, as well as the usage message and various useful examples.

Command-line options

Default command-line options include the ability to track personal best typing speeds, to set the default maximum error percentage, to turn off WPM (Words Per Minute) timer in drills, to use the terminal’s hardware cursor, to set the initial display colors, to disable beeps on errors, to start the lesson at a certain label, to try to mimic word processors, to disable skipping of exercise, to highlights errors with reverse video, to set the scoring mode, to run in quiet mode, to set the cursor flash period, as well as to stop top banner colors.

GNU Typist was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 15th, 2014
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