GLOBALBASE B.b17.07 Server / B.b17.09 Viewer

Autonomous Distributed GIS
GLOBALBASE is an autonomous distributed GIS software. Browser COSMOS / server LANDSCAPE. Browsing graphocally seamless the Earth. The world is group of many maps which are in the worldwide distributed server.

COSMOS is the GUI Earth browser for seamlessly browsing in the sea of the distributed geographical information spread over the internet (GLOBALBASE server network). Including contents are different kind from Google Earth or the other systems. For example, old aerial photographs, old maps, archeological plans, Dragon Quest 3 world map, and so on.

LANDSCAPE is the server software for the GLOBALBASE. It holds geographical information and send requested data to accessed client that is COSMOS.
GLOBALBASE is the autonomous distributed GIS. We provide also the server software named LANDSCAPE which make public the maps and geographical information using GLOBALBASE protocol.

Let us make the Earth together using this advanced architecture.


[Installation of Application by a Super User]
Login the root, and make the directory cosmosdir for install point.
Go to the working directory cosmosdir.
And run the cosmos.t as following on the root permission.

% su root
# mkdir cosmosdir
# cd cosmosdir
# gzip -d cosmos.ver.B.XX.XX.linux.x86.tar.gz
# tar xvf cosmos.ver.B.XX.XX.linux.x86.tar
# ./cosmos.t -app

The directory bin, peripheral are built up, install is succeeded.
In the directory bin, there is execution files named "cosmos" and "cosmos_installer.t".

[Setup of Earch User]
Insert the path cosmosdir/bin into the path environment variable.
Run the cosmos_installer.t as following

% cosmos_installer.t -env


1. Download lss.ver.B.XX.XX.linux.x86.tar.gz
2. Uncompress the file.
3. Install as follwing.

You use at the first install.
You use when you want update ver.B. server.
Please read the document "LANDSCAPE Startup Manual"
more detail.

last updated on:
October 12th, 2008, 20:39 GMT
license type:
LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ Education
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