Engrusdict 0.1

Engrusdict X11-based English-to-Russian and Russian-English dictionary.
Engrusdict X11-based English-to-Russian and Russian-English dictionary.

Engrusdict stands for English - Russian dictionary (approx. 22000 entries). It can translate from Russian to English (approx. 31000 entries) as well.

It's based on the Freedict dictionary (© Tom van der Meijden, 1997, 2000). This is a freeware bidirectional dictionary between English and other languages.

More precisely, this dictionary works only on Windows and if you try to run it with Wine you may have a lot of troubles to display Cyrillic characters correctly.

That's why I have decided to make an X11 based GUI for this dictionary.

It is possible to enter Russian (Cyrillic) characters if you don't have Russian keyboard but it also supports Russian keyboards with ISO 8859-5, KOI-8 and Windows 1251 encodings.


· english_russian.wb and russian_english.wb
· XForms library
· GCC or other C compiler and make
· XWindow system with its include files and libraries
· At least one Cyrillic font which supports ISO 8859-5 encoding

last updated on:
October 31st, 2006, 14:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Jernej Kovacic
ROOT \ Education
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