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DingsBums?! is a flashcard-like learning tool originally concepted for vocabularies.





DingsBums?! is a flashcard-like learning tool originally concepted for vocabularies, but can be used for any kind of content, that can be memorized using flashcards.

Dingsbums?! project aims to be an application which makes memorizing both fun and efficient.

Here are some key features of "DingsBums":

Create new flashcard training stacks (e.g. vocabulary list) from scratch.
Use units and categories to organize the entries / cards.
The possibility to define your own entry types with grammatical attributes. E.g. gender and plural for nouns in a language like French. Assign an entry type to each entry. Based on the entry type different attributes will be handled.
The entry types of existing entries can be changed.
Entry type attribute items can be edited and a default assigned to each entry type attribute. The entry type attributes can be freely assigned to entry types.
Deletion of units, categories, entry types, entry type attributes and entry type attribute items is not possible, if they are used in an entry.
The labels in the GUI can be changed to suit the learning stack card purpose (e.g. different language for a vocabulary trainer)
The visibility of unit, category, and other fields can be influenced.
Decide whether changes in an Entry (e.g. the score, the category) while editing or learning are checked immediately against the current selection criteria, and eventually remove the Entry from the current selection.
Hints of remembrance for learning on by one. By this I mean help, if you do not quite recall a term, but might remember it, if you could get a hint. The hints are:
Letters: displays more and more letters, starting with the first letter of the word.
Flash: displays the entire term for less than a second. You might not be able to read the term, but recognize it.
Shuffle: shuffles the letters within each word
Three game-like learning environments ("learning by choice"):
Pick one in a set of answers: e.g. pick the right ansewr out of 4 possible answers for a given question.
Match base/term with target/definition as pairs of choices by moving the mouse pointer from the question to the matching answer
Choose the correct answer among lots of possibilities with questions shifting after a few seconds
An intelligent learning algorithm that shows those entries, which you do not know that well, most often. The main idea is that you earn a point, whenever you know the word, loose a point when you do not know it. And you neither loose or earn, when you remember the word only after having received a hint.
The scores can be reset to the minimum for either all entries or the current selection.
The time in milliseconds of the flash hint and the coverage in percents can be dynamically be changed in the properties.
Window positions and sizes are saved
Logging to either the command line or a file can be enabled or disabled in properties.


Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:

The most important two new features are support for syntax highlighting of syllables, e.g. for pinyin (simplified Chinese), and simplified installation based on Java Web Start.
Last updated on October 6th, 2006
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