Bibutils 3.41

Bibutils is a software with bibliography conversion utilities.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.8/5 19
Chris Putnam
ROOT \ Education
Bibutils is a software with bibliography conversion utilities.

The Bibutils program set interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common MODS-format XML intermediate. For example, one can convert RIS-format files to Bibtex by doing two transformations: RIS->MODS->Bibtex. By using a common intermediate for N formats, only 2N programs are required and not Nē-N. These programs operate on the command line and are styled after standard UNIX-like filters.

It contains the following tools:

· bib2xml - convert BibTeX to MODS XML intermediate
· copac2xml - convert COPAC format references to MODS XML intermediate
· end2xml - convert EndNote (Refer format) to MODS XML intermediate
· endx2xml - convert EndNote XML to MODS XML intermediate
· isi2xml - convert ISI web of science to MODS XML intermediate
· med2xml - convert Pubmed XML references to MODS XML intermediate
· modsclean - a MODS to MODS converter for testing puposes mostly
· ris2xml - convert RIS format to MODS XML intermediate
· xml2ads - convert MODS XML intermediate into Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO)/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Astrophyics Data System or ADS reference format (converter submitted by Richard Mathar)
· xml2bib - convert MODS XML intermediate into BibTeX
· xml2end - convert MODS XML intermediate into format for EndNote
· xml2isi - convert MODS XML intermediate to ISI format
· xml2ris - convert MODS XML intermediate into RIS format
· xml2wordbib - convert MODS XML intermediate into Word 2007 bibliography format

Several flags available for the end2xml, endx2xml, bib2xml, ris2xml, med2xml, and copac2xml programs:

-h, --help display help

-v, --version display version

-a, --add-refcount add "_#", where # is reference count to reference id

-s, --single-refperfile put one reference per file name by the reference number

-i, --input-encoding interpret the input file as using the requested
character set (use w/o argument for current list
derived from character sets at
unicode is now a character set option

-u, --unicode-characters encode unicode characters directly in the file
rather than as XML entities

-un,--unicode-no-bom as -u, but don't include a byte order mark

-d, --drop-key don't put citation key in the mods id field

-c, --corporation-file with argument specifying a file containing a list
of corporation names to be placed in
of type="personal" and eliminate name mangling

--verbose verbose output

--debug very verbose output (mostly for debugging)

Last updated on July 11th, 2008

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