Anglify 4.2

Anglify is a program for translating various languages to English.

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Free for non-commercial use
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Zack Smith
ROOT \ Education
Anglify is a program for translating various languages to English.

Currently the best-supported non-English language is German, followed by French.

Anglify works in a simple way. It tags each word with one or more word-type values, e.g. "noun/sf". It then attempts to apply a few simple grammatical rules in order to reduce the number of possible English results per non-English word. This is often unsuccessful, since only a few rules exist. Therefore when it outputs a sentence, each word may have several possible English translations.

Anglify also auto-identifies the input language by looking for simple words that are characteristic of each non-English language, e.g. Latin has "sunt".

Anglify is NOT meant as a substitute for learning other languages.

Anglify will also never be intended to create a conclusive result. Doing so is the realm of businesses, which proven ad nauseum that such a goal is pure folly. You need to have an inconclusive result so that you may make judgements about what the original meaning was.

This program is covered by the GNU Public License (see file COPYING) so it is provided AS-IS; use at your own risk.

Final note, Castellano is the proper name of what in the New World is referred to as Spanish. Spain has four official languages.

What's New in This Release:

Small improvements to dictionaries.

Last updated on January 1st, 2008

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