Agnix 0.0.4

Agnix project is an embedded real-time network operating system kernel.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Lukasz Dembinski
ROOT \ Education
Agnix project is an embedded real-time network operating system kernel.

It is a small, educational operating system kernel for i386, supporting 32-bit protected memory mode, paging, hardware switched tasks, memory tests, PCI bus, devices, PCI IRQ routing, RT timers, network protocols.

It is available with all the source code and is fully compatible with the Linux kernel API.

Here are some key features of "Agnix":

Memory: 32-bit protected mode, support for paging
Virtual memory: supports for memory allocation algorithms (binary and buddy)
Tasks management: mulithreading, hardware switched tasks, round-robin scheduler
Synchronization: spinlocks and semaphores
Interrupts: interrupts serviced in fastirq kernel thread
Timers: RT timers, 100Hz system clock
Network: support for ethernet, ARP and IP protocols
Driver interface: own driver interface named ADI (Agnix Driver Interface)
Drivers: 8254, 8259, RTC, DMA chips, PCI bus, support for RTL-8029(AS) network card
Power management: support for APM
Support for busses: full support for PCI bus, PCI devices and PCI IRQs
Terminals: support for switched terminals
Data structures: hashing with open adressing, lists, queues


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What's New in This Release:

driver interface changes, some bugs fixed
new Makefiles
added some simple memory Read/Write test
added address and data patterns for a memory tests
added pcibus_find_capability_pos function
more in the changelog

Last updated on October 13th, 2006

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