GTK-Doc 1.18

GTK-Doc is a GTK+ DocBook Documentation Generator.

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What's new in GTK-Doc 1.18:

  • gtk-doc supports a subset of markdown (headings and lists) - see
  • gtk-doc does not generate old devhelp files any more. This cuts down doc
  • generation time and works for devhelp >=0.11 (was released in 2005).
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
2.3/5 21
Damon Chaplin and Owen Taylor
ROOT \ Documentation
GTK-Doc is used to document C code. It is typically used to document the public API of libraries, such as the GTK+ and GNOME libraries, but it can also be used to document application code.

Note that GTK-Doc wasn't originally intended to be a general-purpose documentation tool, so it can be a bit awkward to setup and use. For a more polished general-purpose documentation tool you may want to look at Doxygen ( However GTK-Doc has some special code to document the signals and properties of GTK+ widgets and GObject classes which other tools may not have.

GTK-Doc allows your documentation to be written in 2 ways:

a) Embedded inside the source code in specially-formatted comments.


b) Added to the 'template' files which gtk-doc outputs after scanning all the header files and parsing the declarations.

From these source code comments and template files GTK-Doc generates a Docbook XML (or SGML) document, which is then transformed into HTML. The generated HTML documentation can be browsed in an ordinary web browser or by using the special Devhelp API browser (see

Last updated on September 20th, 2011


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