dm.zdoc 2.0

pydoc based documentation for Zope
dm.zdoc is a tiny Python wrapper around pydoc to make it usable for Zope.

Note: Python versions below 2.6 lack good support for namespace packages in pydoc. While Zope itself does not use namespace packages before version 2.12 (which uses Python 2.6), important Zope applications (such as Plone) do use namespace packages. In these cases, the documentation produced by pydoc (and by extension zdoc) is incomplete.


zdoc can either be used via the script dmzdoc, via module import or integrated in a running Zope instance.

In the first two cases it might be necessary to set the Zope environment variables INSTANCE_HOME and SOFTWARE_HOME to tell zdoc where the Zope sources can be found.

Use via dmzdoc

The script dmzdoc is installed when you have setuptools installed.

Otherwise, you must install it yourself. It has the following content:

import dm.zdoc; dm.zdoc.cli()

dmzdoc has the exact same options and parameters as pydoc, documented in pydoc.

Use via module import

The module dm.zdoc defines the same objects as pydoc, documented in pydoc.

Integrated in a running Zope instance

For this use, you must install the module in your Zope installation and activate its configure.zcml at Zope startup. This will give the "Zope Root Folder" the view @@zdoc which presents the documentation in the same way as the pydoc http server.

ATTENTION: Exposing the documentation of a Zope instance in this way provides sensible insights and could give hackers valuable clues for attacks. Likely, you will install this only in development instances with restricted access.

last updated on:
April 2nd, 2012, 20:03 GMT
developed by:
Dieter Maurer
license type:
BSD License 
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  • Support for the "integrated in a runnging Zope instance" use case
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