Tweakers' HOWTOs Tamer 1.8

Tweakers' HOWTOs Tamer is designed to be useful for people new to GNU/Linux by providing quick, easy access to the HOWTOs.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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James C. Williams
ROOT \ Documentation
Tweakers' HOWTOs Tamer is designed to be useful for people new to GNU/Linux by providing quick, easy access to the HOWTO documents via menus. Access to specific points within documents is provided via filemarks. Tamer is built as a general purpose tool and can be modified to fit other plain-text tasks.

Search facilities include a powerful graphics-based extension for grep searches on files and directories as well as an internal search tool for searching files when loaded into a Tamer. Internet search access is provided via highlight-and-click access to web site searches via the user's browser directly from within a document.

Additional features include a built-in editor with Line Loops editing and an interface to the GNU Project's Aspell spell check program. Complete help information and program feedback tools are provided within the Tamer and Tamer Tutor.

Daftnee Reader is a visual mode of the HOWTOs Tamer made for easy, comfortable reading on a computer screen. It has been designed with the Project Gutenberg files in mind but works well with other plain text files. Additional Daftnee Reader features include comprehensive sessions facilities, index listing of files by title in addition to file name, and Quick Directory lists and functions. All Tamer tools are readily available when in Daftnee Reader mode.

Qonqitzewautl is a built-in tool kit providing added functionality to plain text files without modifying the files. Small buttons called zewautl are overlaid on the files in the display window and provide access to other files, images and Internet URLs. When combined with grep search, goto zewautl provide an especially powerful tool for all GNU/Linux/Unix users, newbie to guru. Full Qonqitzewautl functionality is available in both Tamer and Daftnee Reader modes.

Tamer Tutor is a small, self-contained program external to the Tamer. It is designed to be a beginners' guide to working with the Tamer and as an additional quick reference. It includes subjects for the primary features of the Tamer with multiple topics under each subject addressing configuration and use of the Tamer and tools.

An install-sh graphics-based installer is included with this version of the Tamer. It is a small program which guides the user through the simple install process. The installer is made with new users in mind and has step-by-step instructions with explanations throughout the installation process. The installer has an add user feature which makes it simple to install a Tamer for additional users.

Last updated on September 1st, 2006

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